Commenting the project

24th November 2011:

From now on, I’ll slow down, temporarily at least, my tempo of publishing week’s photos and texts. My work load, that is, the work I am paid for, has increased significantly, and I just don’t have enough time (even if I wanted to) to publish image and text every week. So I decided that instead of a week’s photo, I will publish a month’s  photo to allow myself more time to process my thoughts with my material.

I see clearly how my life and my project are mutually dependent on each other; when there is a lot of work, the project slows down, and when I  have more time for the project, the number of entries in a given time increases!

31th January 2012:

My photos have taught me something important: the power of silence.  My meditations take shape as words as well as images.  Images are the silents pages of my poem, the ongoing meditation I carry on with – on the web and outside the web.

21th May 2012:

After a five months’ break I’m online again. Nice to be back!


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