Leena’s publications

Here is a list of my professional papers:

Refereed scientific articles:

Kaunonen, Leena ‘Modernism Becomes Contrapuntal. Eeva-Liisa Manner’s Poetic Intermediality’. Article manuscript accepted for publication for Orbis Litterarum, an international peer reviewed journal devoted to the study of European, American and related literature, Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Lars Ole Sauerberg, Will be published by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing. Estimated publication year 2013. Journal article (refereed).

Kaunonen, Leena 2011, ‘Melodies that speak vivaciously and earnestly. Musical presence in Eeva-Liisa Manner’s poetry’. International Association of Scandinavian Studies (IASS), 28th Study Conference Översättning – adaption, interpretation, transformation Lund University, Sweden, August 3–7 2010. Lund University Open Access, 11 pages.  http://nile.lub.lu.se/ojs/index.php/IASS2010/issue/view/511/showToc. Article in refereed conference proceedings.

Kaunonen, Leena 2010, ‘The Roads That Lead Far Away: The history of Finnish modernist movements and the rise of Post-war modernism’. NORLIT 2009: Codex and Code, Aesthetics, Language and Politics in an Age of Digital Media, Stockholm, August 6-9, 2009. Linköping University Electronic Press, pp 31-41. http://www.ep.liu.se/ecp/042/. Article in refereed conference proceedings.

Refereed Scientific Monographs and Edited Scientific Volumes:

Kaunonen, Leena (editor), Foreign Impulses, Local Responses –Transcending National and Cultural Borders. Volume proposal is accepted for the publication process by the editorial board of the COLLeGIUM e-series published by Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. Estimated publication year 2013.

Kaunonen, Leena 2009, Under the Undivided Vast of the Sky− Spaces in Antti Hyry’s Prose Works. Finnish original title: Jakamattoman avaruuden alla − Tilojen merkityksiä Antti Hyryn proosassa. Helsinki: The Finnish Literary Society, 299 pages.

Kaunonen, Leena 2001, Palace of Words. The problem of determining the speaker and textual coherence in Winter Palace, Finnish original title: Sanojen palatsi. Puhujan määrittely ja teoskokonaisuuden hahmotus Paavo Haavikon Talvipalatsissa. Helsinki: The Finnish Literary Society, 2001, 300 pages.

Articles in Refereed Scientific Edited Volumes:

Kaunonen, Leena, ‘Worker Ants on the Lush Bosom of Earth. Cyclic patterns of life in the Finnish countryside’ in The Comparative History of Nordic Literary Cultures I─IV, II volume, edited by Dan Ringgaard and Tom DuBois. Will be published by John Benjamins, Amsterdam. Estimated publication year 2013. (Under contract.)

Kaunonen, Leena 2006 ‘A Letter Gleaming Through the Water. The Phenomenology of the Logos and the Posing of the Question of Being Anew in Eeva-Liisa Manner’s Fahrenheit 121’, Finnish original title: ‘Veden läpi hohtava kirjain. Martin Heideggerin fenomenologinen logos ja olemassaolon kysymysten uudelleen asettaminen Eeva-Liisa Mannerin Fahrenheit 121:ssä’. Invited submission to the volume: Heidegger: Ajattelun aiheita, ed. Miika Luoto & Jussi Backman, Tampere: The Society for Continental Philosophy, pp 302−317.

‘The Feminine in Paavo Haavikko’s Winter Palace’. Changing Scenes: Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle, ed. Pirjo Lyytikäinen. Helsinki: The Finnish Literary Society, 2003, pp 169−190.

Kaunonen, Leena 2003, ‘To Have a Face and a Voice with Unspoken Meaning. Symbol, Allegory, and Prosopopoeia’, Finnish original title: Puhuvat kasvot ja merkityksen lausumattomuus: symboli, allegoria ja prosopopoia’ in Within the Circle of Tropes. Articles on Literature, Poetics, and Rhetoric /  Kuvien kehässä: Tutkielmia kirjallisuudesta, poetiikasta ja retoriikasta, ed. Vesa Haapala. Helsinki: The Finnish Literary Society, pp 34−53.

Kaunonen, Leena 1995, ‘A Surface Opened Up into Infinite Space. Some Musico- Literary References in Eeva-Liisa Manner’s Poems in the Collection This journey’, Finnish original title: ’Pinta aukeni äärettömiin. Tämä matka -kokoelman musiikkirunot’ in Essays and articles on Eeva-Liisa Manner’s Authorship / Suspiros, sospiri. Tutkielmia ja esseitä Eeva-Liisa Mannerin tuotannosta, ed. Tuula Hökkä, Helsinki: Department of Finnish Literature, pp 47−57.

Interviews and Book Reviews in Refereed Scientific Journals:

Kaunonen, Leena, Review of a monograph by Axel Englund: Still Songs – Music In and Around the Poetry of Paul Celan. Invited review for Tidskrift för litteraturvetenskap (Journal for Literary Research). Will be published by Lund University, Sweden.

Kaunonen, Leena 2008, ‘On Theories of Interpretation, Exile Literature, and Continental Modernism. An Interview with Anders Olsson, Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Stockholm’, Finnish original title: ‘Kirje, joka ei saavu: Tulkinnan teorioista, maanpakolaisuudesta ja modernismista. Keskustelu professori Anders Olssonin kanssa’. Avain –The Finnish Review of Literary Studies 2008: (3), pp 58–63.

Kaunonen, Leena 1998,‘Pocket-sized Haavikko’, Finnish original Title: ‘Haavikkoa taskukoossa.’ Reviewed book: Paavo Haavikko – modernisternas furste by Kari Tarkiainen’ Yearbook of the Finnish Literary Research Society; Vol. 51, (1), pp 172-174.

Articles in Other Research-Related Books:

Kaunonen, Leena 1997, ‘Reflections on Art and the Significance of Sight in PaavoHaavikko’s Darkness, a Collection of Serial Aphorisms.’ Finnish original title: ‘Heinänkorren tarkkuudella. Taiteesta ja näkemisestä Paavo Haavikon Pimeydessä’ in Articles on Contemporary Finnish Authors and Their Works / Muodotonta menoa. Kirjoituksia nykykirjallisuudesta), ed. Mervi Kantokorpi. Helsinki: WSOY pp 226−241.

Kaunonen, Leena 1996, ’A Coronation Mass by Paavo Haavikko’, Finnish original Title: ’Pohjaton ylistys. Paavo Haavikon ’Kruunajaismessu’. Kirjojen Suomi, ed. Juhani Salokannel. Helsinki: Otava, pp 390−402.

Book Reviews and Articles in Literary Journals:

Kaunonen, Leena 2006, ‘Two Classics of the Writers’ Correspondence’. Reviewed Books: Briefwechsel Rilke, Zwetajeva, Pasternak. Hrsg. von Jevgenij Pasternak [et al], Insel Verlag, 1983.and Kirjoittamisen aika. Eeva Liisa Mannerin kirjeitä 1963-1969, ed. Tuula Hökkä, Tammi, 2006. Finnish original title of the review: ’Kirjailijakirjeiden klassikoita’, Parnasso 2006 (4), pp 66−68.

Kaunonen, Leena 2006, ‘A Letter to Rainer Maria Rilke from Marina Tsvetayeva’, Finnish original title: ‘Kirje Rainer Maria Rilkelle Marina Tsvetajevalta’, translated by Leena Kaunonen, Parnasso 2006 (7), p. 5.

Kaunonen, Leena 2006 ’Overwhelmed by the Tempestuous Spirit’. Reviewed Book: Rax Rinnekangas, Muodonmuutos, Finnish original title: ’Hengen myrskyn vallassa’. Arvio teoksesta: Rax Rinnekangas, Muodonmuutos, Parnasso 2006 (7), p 78.

Kaunonen, Leena 1995, ’Maurice Blanchot and the power of Negation’ Finnish original title: ‘Maurice Blanchot ja negaation voima’, Kulttuurivihkot 1995 (2), pp 36−44.

Kaunonen, Leena 1993, Reviewed Book: Rainer Maria Rilke, Kirjeitä nuorelle runoilijalle. (Letters to a Young Artist), Kulttuurivihkot 1993 (6), p 48.

Kaunonen, Leena’Platon and Haavikko: The Mechanism of Misjudgement’, Finnish original title: Platon ja Haavikko: Erehtymisen mekanismi’, Kulttuurivihkot 1993 (1), pp 36−41.




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