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week 21, May 2011

In Himalaya, people place small flags inscribed with prayers in locations where the strongest winds blow. Under the constant battering by the winds, the fabric starts to disintegrate, and the flags are torn apart scattering the pieces in every direction. This is … Continue reading

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week 20, May 2011

The top of a tree is a living organism, denser than any mobile network: billions of contacts at every moment – but it’s just a soft breeze that moves through the budding branches.                             Tired of talking, how can I escape from tumultuous masses … Continue reading

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week 19, May 2011

If it’s true that a memory ─ once it is fixed in the words ─ is either instantly swept away or fated to slowly disintegrate, will my hands hold onto the past longer? No matter what I touch with my … Continue reading

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Week 18, May 2011

Shut up in the sack of dreams, I was washed by the waves onto the shore at dawn. Surely I could have laughed at my own visions as Bottom did in Will Shakespeare’s play. The strands of which Bottom’s dream and mine were … Continue reading

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