September 2012

Yet another butterfly was found in the living room, flapping desperately its wings against the window glass. Once they (butterflies, bumble bees and honeybees) have noticed that my window is ajar, and felt the breeze of warm air coming from inside, they decide to flee autumnal cold outdoors. Inevitably, they end up being trapped behind the glass window,  wanting to return to where they came from.  Sometimes I find a small bird lying half-hidden in a narrow space between double window panes. I don’t want to disturb the bird; it must be very cold and tired. It is welcome to warm up as long as it likes. At times, though, butterflies are so exhausted that I offer them sugar to pull energy from it. After feasting on a sugar cube, they unfold their wings (they resemble two big colourful sails) and prepare to set off.  I silently wish them luck in their venture, because the outdoor temperature is quite low, and probably two or more cold days lie ahead.


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