week 33, Aug 2011

Wearing a seatbelt that keeps me firmly in position, I press my face against the cabin window, a small opening, a hole no larger than a pinhead. I look at the beautiful universe beneath me; my thoughts and spirit bound as tightly as my body is squeezed into the cramped cabin. Travelling at higher altitudes than any mountain can ever rise up to, I’m never as free as a parachutist who is falling down through the infinity of air around her, through the blue void. During the fall, one is acutely aware of her body, the arms and legs spread out as if embracing the totality of existence – or the imminent death. But then something happens. The faller and the cause of falling disappear, the possibility of death, space, time, the sense of falling, of the falling body and the world no longer exist. The physical world gives way to the unfathomable.

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