September 2011

When I’m dreaming, I am alone in my fantasyworld. As I wake up, I feel that I am like a light bulb without light, just fragile, trembling threads. Waking up means that I’m switched off… and all the light in the universe is not in me, but outside my own existence.

Dreaming is not a social activity, something to be shared with others. Only if you are telling about your dreams to someone then you can share parts of your dreams with others. But what would a shared dreamworld be like? For instance, I could send out my dream down there to meet your dream, and perhaps our dreams would have a good time together.

But where do the dreams of the dead people go? No home, no one to belong to,

a flock of birds

wheels in the air, above a lake,

mute and restless, without direction,

no place to go

like a ray of light

that got lost

in a windowless room, a flickering

clip of a film in the dark.


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